Sunday, May 22, 2011


After a rather long hiatus I've decided to resume updating my blog and I hope to be more regular.

The previous two posts have been on 'Mothers'. The first post was on my 'Earthly Mother' & the next on my 'Celestial Mother'. This post, I'd like to write generally on us 'Mothers'

I believe we've come a long way since our previous generations. I remember living in a joint family with my parents, siblings, uncle (dad's brother), his wife and their children, and also my widowed aunt (my dad's sister) with her daughter. My grandmother was the head of the family. My dad and his brother made all their decisions after consulting my grandma and not their wives. My mum and aunt obeyed my grandma without any resistance - not out of fear, but out of genuine respect. That was a different era, where age was respected. Mothers were most importantly the nurturers of the homes.

Cut back to today’s mothers - We are multi-taskers, sole decision makers, some of us even having higher educational qualifications and are a lot more self confident.

I am not an advocator for modern mothers or our predecessors.

Even though my husband and I are more often on the same wave length, parenting today is a challenging vocation. I often remember single parents' struggle.

Sometimes, I wonder if we are nurturers or routers to provide material comfort.

I thank you for going through this topic and would greatly appreciate your view points.

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