Saturday, February 16, 2013

Heartfelt & Heartfilled

Heart is our very existence and to reflect on the ‘Time Warp Tuesday’ it took me to my post of 17th June 2012 titled ‘Fathers and Father Figures'

Though my post was related to Fathers' day, but my experiences with all, affirm that, in every relationship, it is the heart that binds people together irrespective of the biological factor.

From my growing years to now, I've had some amazing relationships and my experiences from loving hearts outnumber the not so loving hearts.

My sincere wish for all of you too, is to always experience heartfelt and heartfilled relationships.


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet 16th Birthday Give Away

12th February was my daughter’s 17th birthday. Since this year, she and her friends are preparing for their 12th grade board exams, the day passed very routinely except for a movie in the evening - ‘ABCD’ (Any body can dance) released this past weekend. Okay for distraction.

Her past 16 birthdays were a good reason to put my little creative skills to the test. Right from her birthday cake, to give ways and party food were always home made.

I didn’t get an opportunity to do anything this year, so I decided to upload her 16th birthday giveaway on her 17th birthday. How’s that, just for fun?

Since it was her sweet 16th birthday, I decided to make potpourris.

I needed 20 potpourris, so, all I did was:

1. With one meter of red net, I cut 20 quantities of six inch circles.

2. Then distributed the scented rose petals and dried spices in the net circles.

3. Gathering the circles together into pouches, I bound the pouch lightly with a tie up about quarter inch in length.

4. I secured the pouch to the frame using approximately 12 inches of yellow satin ribbon.

5. Voila! The potpourri giveaway was ready for use in the lingerie drawer or to hang in the closet.

Your suggestions or tips for improvement in my future endeavors will be much appreciated.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Perfect Moment Monday - Neighborly Love

When we moved into this apartment 24 years ago, my little neighbor was in kindergarten. His grandmother was his only companion the whole day until his parents returned from work. Whenever our door was open, he was more than happy to have some company. His grandmother too exchanged pleasantries across our doors.

Times passed by and couple of years down the line our daughter made her entry in our lives. We parents began leaning on each other for advice and support while the children grew alongside. Our daughter is now almost seventeen and my ‘little neighbor’ in his late twenties, is a newly married guy as of 19th January 2013.

Over the years, we have bonded so well that, his wedding was almost like my son’s wedding in the neighbors’ house. We were part of all the prenuptial ceremonies that began a week before the actual wedding.

The couple was engaged for eight months, so preparations were on since then. Their relatives living abroad and out of town took leave from work and their kids’ schools to witness the occasion. The wedding house and ours was closed only at night. Can you imagine the fun and camaraderie?

Being Hindus, their rituals and ceremonies were a unique experience for us. We felt a part of their family. In one of the ceremonies, a particular ritual was performed on seven especially chosen women and I was one of the privileged seven. After the ceremony, I joked with my husband that, never in my life was I ever honored as on that day. I just couldn’t get over the fact that as a part of that ritual, my feet were bathed in milk. Ah! Now I don’t feel like washing my feet with water. LOL.
Professional henna artists were hired to decorate my daughter’s and my palms along with all the other women in their family.

I have a picture of this design on our palm. Such intricate work!

I’m looking forward to many more good years of neighborly love especially with the new daughter-in-law on the floor.


I’ve become conscious about my ‘perfect moments’ since I came across Lori’s site in December 2012. I’m finding more perfect moments now than ever before.

Thanks Lori, for this great opportunity to share our perfect moments.

Everybody is welcome to join!