Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The following meanings are listed in the Oxford dictionary for the word 'Tabernacle':

1. A tent sanctuary used by the Israelites during the Exodus.
2. A dwelling place.
3. A temporary shelter.
4. A receptacle for the consecrated elements of the Eucharist; especially : an ornamental locked box used for reserving the Communion hosts.
5. A house of worship; specifically : a large building or tent used for evangelistic services.

On the last novena day in preparation for the feast of the nativity of the mother of Jesus, I heard one of our Catechist speak and draw parallels between the 'Tabernacle' and the 'womb of the mother of Jesus'. Both he said are one and the same, where something precious is temporarily locked inside.

Wow! what a revelation to know that we women are 'Tabernacles'.

Happy birthday Mother Mary! Pray for us women that we too may have the grace to say “Yes” to fulfil the 'Divine Plan' in our lives.

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