Thursday, June 16, 2011

SSC results Mumbai, Maharashtra 2011

The past three months has been a long break from our routine school and home life of approximately twelve years. No more frenzy to pack lunch boxes, irritability over missing the school bus....AAHH what a relief!

And now finally tomorrow 17th June 2011, yet another milestone in my daughter's life will be accomplished with the declaration of her SSC (Secondary School Certificate) results.As a mother, it is a milestone in my life too.

The headlines on almost all newspapers today read 'Know your SSC Fate Tomorrow' This news has eased some of the anxiety for parents and students alike as it's the first public exam students appear for.

I had got hold of a write-up on the internet dated 19th May 2011 that SSC scores for 2011 would be in the form of grades and not marks.

Following is a part of that text.
“The secondary education department issued a GO (Go Rt No 119) to this effect on Wednesday. The GO stated that from SSC-2011, students who score between 92-100 marks in an examination will be given A1 grade. From 83 to 91%, the grade would be A2,75 to 82% B1, 67 to 74%, it would be B2, 59 to 66% C1, 51 to 58% C2, 43 to 50% D1, 35 to 42% D2 and 34 and below E. The grading system introduced is similar to the one followed by CBSE.”

How I wish the same is true here in Maharashtra State Board SSC results 2011 as well. I am definite there would be a drop in psychiatric and suicides cases and a rise in the morales and general well being of a large population.

I'm sure most parents in India will agree that our education system is archaic to a certain extent, more so the state boards.

Recently, I visited a new home in Mumbai allotted by the government organisation her husband works for. Everyone present there were aghast at the waste of precious space in space crunched Mumbai and we all opined that the design was definitely not planned by someone who values space.

It's the same case with our education system. It's surely not planned and executed by the well wishers of our children.

From a tender age they are loaded with bags heavier than their body weight, made to write before their fingers and hands have developed properly, kept in captivity indoors on narrow hard benches for long hours while they should be more outside than inside, forced to learn by rote senseless topics till their brains are twisted – I could go on and on, but I know unless like the correct house architect if what I ramble does not reach the right education architect will not change anything for anyone least of all our precious youth. Nonetheless, I will say now what I should have said earlier as it only takes a spark to start a fire or to keep it going.

All the very best to you my dear young ones and parents too!

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