Friday, July 22, 2011

MAI and Me

This is a blog hop from 'Hearts at Home' about the similarities between our mothers and us.

Thanks Jill, for giving this opportunity to share my small world in this big world made small with the help of technology.

In India the general population address mothers as 'Ma'. I called my mother 'Mai' as thats how we address in Konkani a language in the state of Goa, India.

My mum expired in January 2010.

As I am trying to figure out the differences and similarities, I feel I am reconnecting with my mum whom I miss very much. I did'nt thank her enough for this wonderful gift of life she gave me, so I take this opportunity to do so now.

'Mai' thank you and we miss you!

1. We are both Virgos. Her birthday was 7th and mine is 3rd September
2. I am a peoples' person especially kids and so was she.
3. My kitchen is my sanctuary and it was the same with her.
4. My priorities in life are 'faith – family – friends.' This is what I learnt from her. She sacrificed much to keep her priorities in order and I try to do my best.
5. I am careful with finances and my mother was extra careful.
6. We both traveled abroad on work for approximately 13 years of our lives.

1. I stand tall at 167cms and she was barely 150cms
2. I am a slow doer and she was in a mighty hurry to get the job done.
3. I am late for most occasions and she was well ahead of time
4. I think I'm hardworking but my mother was much more hardworking. In the days when there was no automation, our clothes were hand-washed squeaky clean, all the spices were hand ground, chapatis (Indian breads) were prepared daily at home, never ordered take-aways – but I use machines to run my home.
5. She was so well organised that after her visit to my home I would have to call her to find out where she had kept my things. My husband calls me 'bullakad' which means carefully careless.
6. My mother's marriage was arranged but I knew my would be husband for six years prior to exchanging our vows.
7. She wore a white and silver bridal gown. It was tailored in such a way that waist downwards, it could be re-assembled to be used as a saree (An Indian garment). I wore a white and gold brocade saree which I later used to my daughter's christening ceremony and is still kept wrapped in a muslin bag.

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